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Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Quality education is the one that provides all formal and informal learners with capabilities they need to become economically productive,develop sustainable incomes,contribute to societies and increase their well being. Capacity development is relevant to improve the quality of teachers and other education stakeholders. We focus more on certificates in Africa than getting the required skills. sets needed to be independent and It's believed that education leads to empowerment,fighting poverty and inequality in society.
There's a need for African societies to meet some certain criteria or dimension in other to make education to be of high quality.
It's believed that education leads to empowerment,fighting poverty and inequality in society.
There's a need for African societies to meet some certain criteria or dimension in other to be of high quality
First one is equity in education has to do with gender,ethnicity and family background not been a huge barrier to achieve educational potentials but a need for females to have minimum level of education.
Second one is African kids are not allowed to reach their potentials. Solutions basically is just for African kids especially to have or know what they are meant to do at all times.
There's the issue of education ministry been on shambles due to corruption and nepotism..the right people for the jobs are no longer employed and lots of bribes is also sinking the ministry.
Next is the problem of unqualified teachers in schools and weaknesses of lecturers in universities ..they dint have time to offer quality service which they are paid for monthly to the students..they failed to retrained themselves even though the ministry or education boards don't do it for them..they fail to even teach students with correct syllabus and right curriculum.
Government has also failed in the progress of education in Africa, they are more interested in partying,buying huge houses,embezzlement of funds.
Their kids ain't affected because they are all studied abroad which is why they can't feel the pains of the masses
And lastly...no practical backgrounds ..this has to do with many schools in all parts of Africa from primary to university,students are taught with little or no practical knowledge..
No well.installed functional equipment for practicals,no exchange programs ,less field trips,strikes.
All this have demoralized most students not to even read again..what they do is to sort their teachers or lecturers through the back door either through money,gifts or their body.
Looking at the solution for getting quality education in Africa is truly a long way to go but we can make it if we believe in it because this makes any country to grow.
There's a need for students to have a balance set of becoming productive,and also be independent by having a skill and also educational degree .
There's a need for checks and balances in all education ministries all around Africa.
Looking at Nigeria.
A policy was initiated by some concern change agents in Lagos which am happy to be part of and its the policy of quality assurance in all public schools from primary to secondary which has started last year November.
Quality assurance is an education policy which has to do with quality assurance officers going to schools to check what's happening and any school that doesn't meet up to standard will be merge or closed down.
On a final note...
Quality education in Africa has always been a miss because the old African societies were learned even without going through schools as they are now..So I see it as a way for sustainability to pave into Africa and for the younger generation to be informed because the consequences of social media is huge that they have lost interest to schooling.
Presentation by
Haji (SDGsACT Lagos, NIGERIA )

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