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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Report on SDGs Accountability Advocates Workshop - Youth as Torch Bearers of Agenda 2030.

The Accountability Advocates project is part of African Monitor’s Voice Africa’s Future Campaign which aims to empower young people with the knowledge, skills and networks needed to analyze official data and generate their own to track progress towards national and international development commitments. With this support, African Monitor believes that young people will become leaders in seeking accountability.

In partnership with Restless Development’s Big Idea Programme, the Accountability Advocates were able to develop national accountability framework to support them in collecting and generating data to seek social accountability on an issue that they and their peers identify as a key priority in their local context.

The process led to the formulation of the accountability framework and network in December 2015 with a partner-induction and dialogue on the role of youth in implementing and monitoring of the SDGs. To-date, a network of organizations agreed to work together as the Uganda SDGs Accountability Network. This consortium includes: ,Response to African Youth Dynamics, Uganda Parliamentary Youth Forum,Uganda NGO Forum, AFFCAD, UYONET, UNYPA, NTHIC, , ACOYDE and Generation for Sustainable Development (GSD), Restless Development Uganda, Plan International Uganda, and of course African Monitor.

On 23rd June 2016,African Monitor Liason Officer Francis Maberi and Voice Africa’s Future Champions Uganda organised a high-level event at UNICEF Auditorium in Kampala to showcase the role that youth can play in the monitoring and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. The event was characterized by panel discussions surrounding the theme, the progress that Uganda has made toward achieving goal 3, 8 and 16, which were prioritized by the group and to chart a way forward on how the country can harness the potential of stakeholders, in particular, the youth to achieve agenda 2030.

As part of the event, the Voice Africa’s Future Champion presented Key Asks findings of the pilot study to assess the progress of Uganda towards achieving SDGs 3 and 8 on specific youth targets. These key asks presented were grounded in data gathered during a rigorous multi-faceted consultation process with key stakeholders and relevant government offices, and a systematic review of strategies and programmes. All data collection was based on several complementary indicators that were developed based on the priorities of youths in Uganda as indicated in the Uganda national youth manifesto.

The event was able to achieve the following: It showcased the role that youth can play in the SDGs monitoring and implementation,it made a case for improved strategies for the implementation of SDGs in Uganda, it created synergy among stakeholders around the implementation and monitoring of SDGs and it disseminated youth findings on the progress made towards the implementation of selected goals.

The event was a half day and it provided a platform for all members to disseminate their findings, for government to present its country review report, and other stakeholders were able and encouraged to make their input as well. There was also an exhibition by other partners on what they are doing about SDGs and how they are engaging young people can also be explored. We used the following methodologies: Power Point presentations,V-short Video/Audio clips,Round table discussions and Panel Discussions

The guest speakers included representatives from Office of the Prime Minister,Ministry of Finance,National Planning Authority,Uganda Bureau Of Statistics,Ministry of Gender labor and social Development,UNDP and UNICEF.

Thanks to African Monitor and Voice Africa’s Future Campaign for opening and creating critical spaces for young people in Uganda to make sure that youth are empowered to hold their governments accountable and SDGs are specific,measurable and visible with in 15 years and beyond for youth.

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