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Monday, 12 June 2017

#NAYDSDGs in Zimbabwe

Youth 4 SDGs
Zimbabwe has an organised country team named Youth 4 SDGs that has been formed by youth organisations in the country working on different SDGs. Youth 4 SDGs a National Youth Taskforce on Sustainable Development Goals formed by 100 Youth organizations working in 10 provinces of Zimbabwe in 2016. The overall objective of the National Working Group is to provide strategic direction for youth inclusion and participation in the country implementation and monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals working in conjunction with local CSOs, UN agencies, government and development partners. In addition to this, the Youth 4 SDGs envisions a defined role for youth actors in the monitoring and evaluation of the SDGs at the country level and initiated a Youth-led Country program on the SDGs. The National working Group is led by a Technical Committee that is composed of selected members listed above, these help to coordinate activities, communication among other as defined in the terms of reference.

NAYO acts as the secretariat and convener of the Youth 4 SDGs Zimbabwe country team. The Youth for SDGS seeks to educate youth in rural, peri-urban, mining areas, farms and urban areas on the SDGs, their importance and link to policies and national development in Zimbabwe (See attached recent Youth for SDGs Report for a program in the Mining town of Kadoma). Youth for SDGs represented by NAYO is an official representative of Youth in the National Working Committee in the Ministry of Macro-Economic Planning and Investment Promotion. The organization is also part of National SDGs Technical Working Group for Civil Society in Zimbabwe representing youth. Youth for SDGs Zimbabwe is part of national monitoring framework for Zimbabwe and also working with UN at local level. 

At regional #NAYDSDGs and Agenda 2030; all this formations has mechanism to review, popularize, monitor SDGs and strengthen the work of SDGs in general. At local level the team is responsible collating work being done by youth, monitor progress from youth perspective, review and feedback to the Government through the responsible Ministry among other key establishment that work on the SDGs
Youth for SDGs is working closely with the Ministry of Macro-Economic Planning & Investment Promotion, which deals with the SDGs within government and engaging an array of actors to support the work of youth on SDGs. 

More info on Youth 4 SDGs

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